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Bacterial infections can come from different sources.  The best protection you can do against such is to be clean and hygienic.  However, there are instances wherein no matter how clean you are, you will develop an infection one way or the other.  The thing about bacterial infections is that they have the capacity to proliferate if you do not take any treatment, making them spread to other organs as well as making them more difficult to treat.  For this reason, it is important to take antibiotics to assist your immune system in fighting off the infection.

Antibiotics like azithromycin are used in fighting bacterial infections that we develop in our body. Azithromycin is very popular in the medical field as it is very effective in providing effective treatment relief for bacterial infections.  If your doctor has given you azithromycin antibiotics as treatment for your infection, as long as you follow your doctor’s direction properly, you will be rid of your infection within a few days of antibiotic treatment.  Azithromycin antibiotics have always been known to be very effective in the treatment of bacterial diseases and infection.  For this reason, if you develop any type of bacterial infection, you can always rely on azithromycin to help you get rid of the infection.

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Premature ejaculation is a natural thing for men, especially when they are just learning sex.  Young men who are still in their teens and early adulthood most often suffer from this condition since they still lack experience over the activity as well as the personal pride of knowing how to please their female partner.  However, as a man gains more experience, he learns more and more how to control his early ejaculate issues until he becomes good enough being able to last longer than his female partner.  This is important because sex is a give and take and should be in symbiosis with both sex partners.

The problem that some men face is that no matter how much experience they make or technique they use, they simply are not able to last longer in bed than their female partners, as early ejaculate issue plagues their sex life.  If you suffer from premature ejaculation and would like to remedy your condition, using Priligy will help you in temporarily relieving your early ejaculate issue.  The drug Priligy will essentially provide you the capacity to last in bed longer and thus will allow you to sexually pleasure your partner. Read more…

Uses for the SUV You Can’t Afford

by Joshua Liberles on May 16, 2008

NPR_SUV_uses Uses for the SUV You Cant Afford
As we just , with rising gas prices SUVs are becoming even more impractical and are glutting the used-car market. Brian Unger, in his Unger Report segment on NPR’s Day to Day asks the question, “What to do with your SUV now that it’s bigger than your bank account?”

Now, councils Unger, is the time for compassion for SUV owners, not ridicule. While we’ll revel in “I told you so” for a little while, we need to move on and offer constructive feedback to those stuck owning SUVs, unable to sell them off.

From the Unger Report, Things you can do with you SUV now that you can’t afford to drive it:

  • Live in it. A mobile home that doesn’t make you feel trashy. Or gauche.

  • Turn it into a planter. Convert the dome light into a grow light.

  • Use your SUV to transport other people and help out a now overburdened mass transit system.

  • Turn your SUV into a childcare center or nursery school that can come to parents in any weather condition.

Listen to the great clip in its entirety from NPR.org – well worth the time!

Photo via flickr by by kristi_t.

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1 Clinch July 1, 2008 at 12:15 pm

As always with cars like these, it’s not just the pollution whilst in use you have to consider, but also the environmental cost of construction that you have to think about. Hybrids that cause 1/10th the road pollution of normal cars are pointless if their construction outweighs the benefit (compared to a normal car).

And of course, the solar panels are only really viable in warm(/sunny) areas during the day in summer.
Although, that being said, there are many thing effecting the efficiency of solar cars, and this car may have improved on them enough to make it still viable in less than peak conditions.

And a feature which I haven’t seen on any solar cars yet (although I may have simply missed it) is the ability to plug the car in to your house, not so it takes electricity, but so if the car battery is full, the solar panels will provide extra energy for your home.


2 Josh July 1, 2008 at 1:48 pm

I agree, Clinch – to really weigh the impact of anything requires a cradle-to-grave assessment (or better still – cradle-to-cradle with components of recycling built into the design). Most arguments I’ve seen against more efficient hybrid cars (the Hummer vs. Prius argument, for example) don’t hold water. As batteries improve, the extra resources/pollution that go into their creation and exposure are outweighed many times over by their benefits. Add pedal power and solar panels into the equation and, i suspect, the picture looks even rosier…


3 http://multimedia.at.ua July 2, 2008 at 8:56 pm

cool i lovе you



4 Nicolas July 27, 2008 at 9:07 am



5 wellnessmd November 10, 2008 at 8:54 pm

Why not petition Honda or better yet, GM to produce a hybrid like Solo but without the pedals. Americans are lazy and don’t want to peddle their car. No wonder the windows are tinted so you cannot look in and see them working there. The technology for combining solar and gas with a plug-in is available now. Why not have America produce the car?


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