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Trains: The 200 Year Old Solution to Our Travel Problems

by Joshua Liberles on November 7, 2007

TrainsSave Trains: The 200 Year Old Solution to Our Travel Problems

This just in: the answer to our transportation nightmares has been staring us squarely in the face for about 200 years. What’s largely impervious to weather-delays, a reliable tried-and-true format of transport, energy efficient, increases productivity by allowing passengers to actually do stuff rather than drive, and comfortable for passengers? Why, the train of course!

The efficacy of trains is nothing new to many Carectomy readers. However what is new and exciting is the growing mainstream coverage of the plusses of public transportation and the downsides of a car-based country. As this Sunday’s Boston Globe Parade magazine pointed out, in the last year Americans suffered a 60% increase in gas prices; 3.7 billion hours wasted in traffic in the U.S.; and an increase in flight delays. As a result, travel via Amtrak has increased for the fifth consecutive year.
While the increase in ridership is good news for trains and carectomy patients, it’s painfully obvious that the U.S.’ train system in particular, and public transportation in general, is greatly underfunded. Amtrak received $1.3 billion last year, equivalent to its budget 25 years ago. Meanwhile, $40 billion was spent on highways and $14 billion for airlines. The Bush administration, not surprisingly, has not helped the cause. In 2005, Bush sought to completely remove federal funding from Amtrak. For 2008, Amtrak’s budget will be slashed to $800 million.

Compare the American agenda to countries with the foresight to invest in rail travel. France has a 200mph TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse – French for “wicked fast”), a train from Paris to Strasbourg recently hit 357mph, Spain is working on a rocket-fast intercity connection between Barcelona and Madrid, and China has earmarked a quarter-trillion dollars to buff up its rail services.
While the U.S. may be woefully lacking in good transportation for its people, a serious effort to get back on “track” is afoot. On October 30th, the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act passed the Senate and is now before the House. The bill would pledge $10 billion over four years towards building a high-speed rail system throughout the nation.
“We are on the edge of a revolution in thinking and the thinking of policy-makers of the future of transportation,” says Rep. James Oberstar (D., Minn.), head of the House transportation and infrastructure committee. “And that future is filled with high-speed, reliable rail service.”
Via Parade magazine
Photo via Flickr by vitalyzator

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