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Putting Pedestrians First: Raised Crosswalks

by Kate Trainor on February 15, 2008

RaisedCrosswalk Putting Pedestrians First: Raised Crosswalks
Community design is one of the key factors that allow people to decrease their car use. Sprawling lots hosting preposterously large McMansions on cul-de-sacs practically necessitate a car-dominated society. Mass transit systems become difficult to run efficiently, streets are designed for cars and are often unsafe for pedestians and cyclists, and pavement comes to engulf residents’ entire field of vision.

Simple elements in existing communities help to make it desirable to be out and about, untethered from your car. Check out this great stop-motion clip, courtesy of the folks at StreetFilms:

A raised crosswalk is at a height consistent with the sidewalk, which makes crossing easier; encourages cars to check their speeds in areas with lots of foot traffic; makes pedestrians more visible as they cross the street; and takes back some of the public space from vehicles.

Another great video depiction from StreetFilms. I’m off to dig out my old Atari and to go play in virtual traffic.

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1 ChipSeal March 8, 2008 at 3:36 pm

I fully expect that the bureaucrats estimate of the amount of revenue generated by this tax will turn out to be optimistic.
They will also discover the tax is to low to significantly change behavior. (High present fuel costs haven’t done it, is it reasonable to expect 3 cents more per liter will be the tipping point?)
What will they do then?


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