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Putting Cars to Good Use: Furniture

by Joshua Liberles on August 10, 2008

NineStories Putting Cars to Good Use: Furniture
Surging gas prices have helped to push our tastes away from the auto. Dealers have stopped taking SUVs as trade-ins as their resale values plummet to next-to-nil and other inefficient cars are finding their way to the junkyard quickly.

So, what to do with all of the hunks of undesired metal accumulating on our landscape? Nine Stories has an idea: build furniture with cars’ metal sheets.

From the Nine Stories website: "Each roof and panel is chosen for its unique character, and carefully removed from the unused substructure in such a way as to preserve the original factory finish. Over 70% of each piece in the series is made up of this otherwise wasted material, so it is both for the obvious environmental benefits as well as for aesthetic reasons, that we find the process of "reclaiming" at the center of this new body of work."

Check out a cool slide show from Nine Stories by clicking the image below:
slideshow-ninestories Putting Cars to Good Use: Furniture


Via Treehugger.

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