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Picking on Hummers

by Kate Trainor on September 27, 2007

Hummer_Fingers2 Picking on Hummers

Picking on Hummers and their drivers is almost too easy. Like stealing candy from a baby. Or using banal clichés when you run out of witty analogies.

But it’s so fun, how can I very well resist? Car dependency in the U.S. is out of hand. Driving an impractical, ostentatious, oversized, absolutely stupid vehicle is just at the extreme end of this car-is-king mentality. And who ever thought naming a car “Hummer” would sell cars. I mean, don’t they get the joke?

As anti-environment as this vehicle is, it has become the symbol of overconsumption and irresponsibility. The goal here is to help people get out of cars, whether Hummers, Suburbans, or Prius’. In the case of the Hummer, we just want people to get out faster!

Focusing more attention on the dying breed that is Hummer is like kicking a car when its tires are flat. So without further ado, here are some well-placed kicks I think you’ll enjoy:

The premise of this site is simple. Photographs of people giving the international Hummer-salute to the parked, driving, or idling vehicles they come across in their lives. I found this site to be much more engaging and entertaining than I would have imagined. And there are something like FOUR THOUSAND photos on the site!

Hummer cologne:
For better or worse, the world never ceases to amaze me. The worse: Hummer Cologne and H2 Cologne exist. The tagline: "the smooth richness of tonka bean acts as the ‘axle’ that links and balances the fresh and warm notes, creating an olfactory sensation that can only be Hummer™." The better: Mark Mumford’s article on the topic. One of the funniest things I’ve read in years! An excerpt:

All of which begs the obvious, painful question: Who, pray who, is buying this stuff? And perhaps more importantly, what peroxided, pneumatic woman is attracted to it? Who in their right mind looks at Hummer cologne and says whoa, dude, a scent based on a hulking low-grade environmentally devastating gas-sucking oil-belching horribly designed vehicle that just screams, "I don’t give a damn about anything or anyone and by the way screw the baby seals too." That is exactly how I want to smell.

And finally this fantastic video clip of the Hummer in action, off-roading as it was intended. Well, not quite.

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1 MarkR March 28, 2008 at 10:00 pm

Thats Sweet! Now if they would require that for ALL companies with over 50 employees, so they can turn some of those asphalt parking lots back to grass and trees.
I’ve always wondered what I had to do to get paid to ride my bike. I’m not fast enough to be a pro. to educated and to many family responsibilities to be a bike messenger or pedicab cyclist. Maybe, someday that will be adopted here in Texas.


2 travis April 1, 2008 at 12:03 am

had this idea a while back and wrote a blog entry on it and sent the idea to my company’s commuters group (received a lot of feedback on it) and the company’s official commuting feedback alias (received nothing from the bureucracy):


I knew it was a good idea.


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