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Pedalpalooza Makes it All About the Bike!

by Joshua Liberles on June 20, 2008

Pedalpalooza Pedalpalooza Makes it All About the Bike!
Pedalpalooza is where always-bike-friendly Portland, Oregon gets the chance to truly flaunt it’s spectacular two-wheeled culture. The 2-week festival boasts 219 events, hosted by volunteers, featuring everything from family-friendly group rides, bike-in movies, and bike polo, to a Swingers’ ride and a Bowie vs. Prince mobile dance party (described as a “slow pace with frequent dancin’ stops”).

From SHIFT’s website:

SHIFT revels in expressing Portland’s creative bike culture through performance events and bike fun intended to highlight the positive contributions of bicycling for the community at large.

As such, SHIFT brings to the Portland community an absolutely mind-blowing variety of bike-based activities as well as a group Move-by-Bike initiative and a free monthly Breakfast on Bridges for morning commuters. (If you haven’t already seen our post and video of a Portland bike-move, check it out here).

SHIFT and the World Carfree Network are currently involved in co-hosting this year’s “Towards Carfree Cities,” taking place in Portland. This year’s conference, “Rethinking Mobility, Rediscovering Proximity,” targets “urban livability and mixed-use development.”


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1 Eric D December 31, 2007 at 3:07 pm

Typically, as we continue to not learn how (good) public transportation helps everyone, San Deigo’s MTS just raised it’s prices across the board, and plans to again Jan 1, 2009.
Check it out…
December 30, 2007

SAN DIEGO – Bus fares for many routes in the San Diego area will rise Tuesday, and transfer tickets will be eliminated, as changes adopted in October take effect.
Fares will increase to $2 from $1.75 in the new year.
Bus drivers no longer will issue free transfers, and riders instead will be encouraged to buy $5 day passes. The passes are good for travel on buses and trolley lines through the service day, from 4 a.m. to 2 a.m., said Rob Schupp, spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation System.
Adult monthly passes, good for bus and trolley travel, will also increase, to $64 from $60.”



2 Lucio Gregori April 1, 2009 at 8:16 pm

In 1991, in Sao Paulo Brazil, city withy 10 milion people I was Municipality’s Transportation Secretary and with teh dicision of mayor Luiza Erundina, we proposed the Tarifa Zero bus transportation (Zero Fare). We proposed increa in the first moment, taxes of properties, folowinga the idea: “Who have more pays more, less pay les and Who have not , don’t pay.”
But the councilmen don’t aprove the project.The city have today one of the worst city transit in the World.Congrqatulatios to Hasselt’s people.


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