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Paris Bike Rental System: Velib

by Joshua Liberles on October 12, 2007

Velib Paris Bike Rental System: Velib

The public bicycle system in Paris, known as the Vélib, has become a model for other cities around the world that are looking to reduce traffic and carbon emissions and to take back their cities from automobiles (Montreal, Boston, New York, San Francisco have all considered adopting a similar program). Health problems relating to pollution as well as a lack of exercise and the realization that global warming may actually be a concern have helped to jump start the interest.


The Vélib offers over 10,000 bicycles to customers throughout Paris. There are small rental stations sprinkled throughout the city. Bikes can be rented and returned at any of the stations. Annual memberships cost $38, with bicycle use free for up to one half-hour (encouraging shorter trips, which are the most environmentally damaging miles in a car, to be made by bike). Fees for longer periods are modest but increasing, promoting short trips and speedy returns. The ripple effect of this program is that, since people are cycling more in general, they’re buying and using more private bikes. Cycling culture in general is on the rise.


Some quick highlights:

  • Riders don’t need to tune-up or store the bikes.
  • More cyclists on the road make cycling safer for everyone.
  • You can ride to your destination, return a bike there (no lock-up necessary), do your errands, and pick up another for the return trip!
  • The bike culture is contagious, and the trend to less traffic and healthier citizens will continue.

The Vélib bicycles were sponsored by an advertising agency, JCDecaux. In exchange for purchasing and maintaining the bicycles for 10 years, the agency gets advertising space throughout the city.


When the Parisian mayor initially proposed the Vélib, and announced that car lanes would be replaced with bike lanes, he met with significant resistance from the car-centric. Those voices have largely died down in the few months since the program’s July launch. Traffic, noise, and pollution have all decreased in the city. Even average commute time has been reduced (for the cyclists as well as the car drivers). 16,500 more bicycles are scheduled to be added to the fleet by year’s end. A city-wide partial carectomy has met with huge success!


Photos via Flickr by malias & Filo.mena

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1 Mark August 26, 2008 at 2:01 pm

19th century solution to a 21st century problem? Todays bikes are hardly 19th century, I have a carbon fiber frame with a 14speed internal geared hub. How about you show me a 19th cenrury bike like that? Cars are merly an evoution of bikes, most urban traffic travels slower than a bike, what is so dumb about supporting efficient and sustainable transport that allows people to have more disposable income? I think you should get a grip mate, transport problems have been around 30odd thousand years. Romans armoured roads to ensure reliable military supply chains. Roads were a strategic asset then, now the only strategy is how I can get from home to maccas to work without getting out of my car. Our roads are obese, they have been on steroids for 40 years, now the cancerous efects of uncontrolled growth are setting in. Our carbon and energy problems can be solved by appropriate technology but probably not the lazy obese tech you are so fond of. Bikes are smart technology and will be happily freewheeling around the planet long after you have sucked the planet dry of oil resources. The party is over, are you ready for cold turkey you filthy oil addict?


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