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New Research: Gas Prices and Behavioral Tipping Points

by Hank Green on June 8, 2008

GasPrice_Survey New Research: Gas Prices and Behavioral Tipping Points
It’s hard to miss the effects of rising gas prices all around us. Coupled with the accompanying spike in food costs and the threat of a general economic recession, the national belt-tightening is evident. Miles driven have plummeted along with car sales while mass transit ridership and bike use continue to flourish.

A recent study by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of Access America Travel Insurance and Assistance has quantified the shift. 67% of those surveyed have already adjusted their driving habits because of gas prices.

$3.20 is the median price where respondents said they would alter their driving. At $3, 35% said they had already made changes; at $4, 74% foresee an alteration; and at $5, 85% anticipate making concessions.

Hits to the pocketbook seem to be the key to driving change. It’s not easy to root for difficult economic conditions – but we at Carectomy like some of the results. In January we asked the question whether $4 per gallon could be a good thing, and the repercussions are already far-reaching.

Many economic and industry experts predict that, unlike during the oil embargo of the 70’s, the cultural transformations happening now – from shrinking suburban sprawl to the ditching of SUVs in favor of smaller, fuel economical vehicles – are here to stay. Time will tell, but is this latest economic shake-up, coupled with increased environmental awareness, finally jarring us out of complacency?

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