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LA’s Slow Ride to Car-Free Freedom

by Kate Trainor on June 1, 2008

LAtransit LAs Slow Ride to Car-Free Freedom

My complaints about Los Angeles are cumulative. I appreciate L.A. as a city and love to visit, but know I’d never hack it as a resident (nor, for that matter, would I want to). I’m put off by the culture of collagen, the glitz and the greed, and the simple fact that Angelenos have little choice but to drive everywhere to navigate the sprawl. Worse, most California highways are as clogged as Harvey Weinstein’s arteries.

L.A. city councilwoman Wendy Greuel, a long-time crusader for car-free transit, told StreetFilms, “Traffic has become the number one issue in the city of Los Angeles…and we want to change that…we want to say people have options…They don’t need to be able to get in their car to get to their ultimate destination.”

Greuel is reasonable in her expectations of how Angelenos might utilize public transit. Taking public transit instead of driving even once a week would make a difference, she said. She also emphasizes the importance of creating a mixed-use, walkable city that combines residential space with nearby nightlife, amenities (i.e. groceries), and business. Ideally, said Greuel, people would have the option of walking to work.

Greuel and her supporters are striving to find ways to transform car-reliant L.A. into a city that supports public transit; a city that walks, bikes, and rides the bus. Check out the StreetFilms clip for more on L.A.’s hopes for ped-friendly progress.

Source: StreetFilms

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