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Kris Murrin Stops Traffic in the U.K.

by Kate Trainor on March 4, 2008

UKStopTraffic Kris Murrin Stops Traffic in the U.K.
The U.K.’s Channel 4 has begun broadcasting a television series that challenges Brits to ditch their choice mode of transport and start cycling, instead. Kris Murrin, the show’s host, is The Woman Who Stops Traffic. She crusades against traffic congestion, obesity, asthma, and pollution, and asks the English to lessen their dependence on cars.

Murrin’s proposals aren’t popular, particularly in the town of Marlow, where she’s urging locals and the city government to support measures that would stop traffic—or, at the very least, cut congestion. Murrin chose Marlow because it has the highest car ownership in the country, though most journeys are less than two miles long. She’s also stopping traffic in two other British cities, Boston and Durham.

Murrin fields harsh criticism from city councilors, angry e-mails from drivers of “army vehicles” who relish running over cyclists (more than one at a time, said the sender), and defensive sneers from soccer moms who refuse to stop driving their kids half a mile to school in their minivan.

The show’s web site offers cool, interactive features that help users calculate their carbon footprint and financial savings if they were to go car-free (even part-time). Users can pledge which car journeys they’re willing to sacrifice, and estimate the amount of carbon emissions they’ll save by traveling ped, instead. The sum of these savings is represented by the UK Car Free Map. The site also makes an argument for banning cars and offers tips for how to go car-free.

To see clips, check out Channel 4 on the web. Here’s a promo video from YouTube:

For more anti-car action on British television, check out: Britain Imposes One Day per Week Car Ban.

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1 RowdyKittens May 13, 2008 at 9:59 pm

The high gas prices are bad news, but it is a good thing that people are actually getting out of their cars and walking! We sold our car recently and it has forced us to get off our lazy butts and walk/bike more. :) Keep up the great posts! I love this blog.


2 Pete May 13, 2008 at 10:52 pm

Today I saw people walking home from a bus stop. Unusual here, to see humans walking in the street (no sidewalk). Pared back as it is, the bus system in Fort Wayne Indiana is surprisingly efficient. But, as noted in the post, the system ends far short of the surrounding sprawl.


3 MarkR May 14, 2008 at 1:31 pm

I’m definitely noticing a lot more people riding bikes in my burb. I took another step toward full time bike commuting.
I’m getting tired of how my msgr bag holds in heat and causes a sweaty back and were not even hitting the high 90’s yet. Because of this I broke down and bought a rear rack and panniers for my Cyclocross bike. I guess it will be my full time commuter now. before I’d switch between the cross bike and the race bike. I’m not ready to sell my mid size truck yet, I doubt that I’ll ever get there, but I am looking at changing the insurance classification on it to a “weekend” vehicle since I’m not driving it very much during the week.


4 Josh May 14, 2008 at 3:07 pm

Good for you, MarkR! I’ve done the same, taken an old cyclocross bike and added a rear rack/panniers and lights. Already had inline brakes on the handlebars, which is a really nice feature for cruising around town. Have been doing local errands and grocery trips aboard that, adding a backpack when necessary.


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