How to clean car carpet

Do you often give your car a deep cleaning? Or do you still remember the last time you had your carpet exclusively cleaned? Many automobile owners, unfortunately, neglect the carpet for far too long, allowing stains, mud, and sticky substances to accumulate and curdle. Your car’s carpets are the single most mistreated component in the vehicle, and they’re often overlooked during a carwash.

Anytime during the hot summer season, a dirty car carpet can begin to stink. While driving, we are prone to dropping meals and spilling coffee and beverages. Our car carpets rarely get more than a quick vacuum before being subjected to another round of stomping.

Cleaning car carpets is actually contrary to the view of most people: It’s not that difficult anymore. The best part is that deep cleaning is not required on a regular basis as long as spills are cleaned up immediately. We understand that you don’t have time to deep clean your carpets week after week. You will have to unless you follow all of the procedures until the end of this article!

How to Clean Car Carpet (Step-by-step Guide) 

1. Prepare the car

To clean a ragged and complex environment, such as a car, can be a big problem. The best step to do first is by cleaning up any rubbish on the floor and in the cup holders. Little items such as coins, toys, and the like must be disposed or relocated if you want a hassle free cleaning process afterward.

Using a car organizer is an excellent method to conserve your automobile’s organization. Some feature many pockets of varied sizes and can be strung around the seats. More modernized car models may feature compartments designed specifically for organization.

2. Remove the mats and seats from the inside

Remove and set aside any floor mat you may have in your vehicle. These will be cleaned later. You may, however, dislodge dirt and dust from the mats by giving them a good shake. It’s preferable to remove the car seats if the carpet is significantly dirty and you have a ratchet and socket set on hand. Dirt and rubbish will collect around the seat, making it very impossible to thoroughly remove it and clean those areas while the seats are in place. Fortunately, the seats are simple to remove. The railings are held in place by four bolts and an electrical connector that must be unplugged.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner

how to clean car carpets

Use a powerful handheld vacuum, such as the Wowgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner after tidying the car. Take into account a cordless vacuum when cleaning a car. This shall allow you to move freer since there are no hassling entanglements. If neither the cordless nor handheld vacuum is available, try to park your car near an outlet or use an extension cord. To vacuum the carpet and reach under the seats, utilize the various attachments, such as the crevice tool. Don’t limit yourself in spending time on this stage, paying special attention to corners and edges, as well as reaching behind the pedals for a thorough clean. You’ll notice that your efforts will pay off, and your carpet will already appear to be a million times better than it was before.

4. Buy the right shampoo

cleaning car carpets

To be able to deep clean the carpet nicely, you can check out highly effective cleaners on Amazon. We highly recommend utilizing a specialist cleaner, such as Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap And Shampoo. This product is specifically designed to deep clean and deodorize car carpets. You can even use it on other elements of your car’s interior. The best part is that it is extra slick to give you an effortless and scratch-less cleaning of your car’s interiors and carpets.

5. Clean the carpet

Begin by browsing the product’s description for the carpet cleaner. If you’re using a spray, spatter the affected area instantly. Dilute the concentrations as needed, preferably in a spray bottle for ease of application. On a patch of the carpet, apply a generous amount of cleaning solution. To keep the carpet as dry as possible, work in parts.

Allow the product to sit for a directed particular amount of time. After that, the cleaner should be massaged into the carpet with a strong nylon brush to eliminate stains, grime, and oil. Don’t scrub too hard; instead, clean the entire region in two directions or in a circular motion so it will loosen all the dirt and grime stuck in the fibers. If necessary, use more cleaning products, but try to keep the carpet as dry as possible. If any commercial product is inaccessible, regular laundry detergent will suffice.

cleaning car carpets 2022

If your carpet is awfully nasty, it is compulsory to deep clean it with a steam cleaner or carpet cleaning appliance immediately. Otherwise use a portable carpet cleaner with a small attachment to fit inside the car, such as the BISSELL® SpotClean Pro™ Portable Carpet Cleaner.

These will inject water and shampoo into the carpet’s fibers. They’ll then remove the surplus water with a powerful suction, leaving you with an almost dry finish.

6. Rinse off the shampoo

Wipe away any extra water and cleaner with a moist cloth after washing the carpet. Attempt to remove as much shampoo as possible. Water can be absorbed into the fibers and backing of a carpet if it is oversaturated. Molds can grow as a result of this, which is dangerous in a confined place like an automobile.

7. Quickly dry the carpets

The most difficult aspect of cleaning carpets is drying them. If you don’t want mold to grow in your car, you should get that carpet dried up as soon as possible. Obviously, a wet/dry vacuum or a hot water extractor will make this work easier by sucking up the majority of the water and leaving the carpet somewhat moist but not soaked. The STANLEY SL18115 Wet/Dry Vacuum and Thermax CP5 Hot Water Extractor were two of the best products we tested.

If neither of these are available, prepare many dry rags, put them over the carpet, and press down on them with your palms to pull the liquid out and into the towel. This will take some time, but if you have enough rags, you should be able to dampen the carpet. After that, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the air to do its thing. After the carpet has dried, go over it with a clean dry brush in a single direction. This technique will reorganize the fibers so that they all face the same direction, giving the cloth a consistent and neat appearance.

8. Allow the car to air dry completely

Take the car out in the sun, especially if it’s summer, and open all of the doors completely to allow it to dry. It would assist to speed up the process if the car could stay in a sunny position. Allow the car to dry in the breeze by opening all doors. Leave the car for an hour, then return to inspect it. Feel it in several areas; if it’s still damp, give it another hour or so to dry. You can leave a dehumidifier in your car overnight if you have a garage. Close all doors and windows if you’re doing this. The machine should only work on the interior, not the entire garage, which is likely to have multiple air leaks.

How to remove stains from your car carpets?

Mud and Dirt Stains

Set dirt and mud may usually be removed without the use of any special products. Fill a gallon bucket halfway with boiling water. Add a cup of white vinegar and a few drops of dish soap after that. Vinegar’s acid is great at penetrating through grime and grease. Mix thoroughly, then soak the stain with a cloth or sponge dipped in the solution. Scrub it with a tough brush in circular strokes. Finally, use a clean cloth or paper towels to blot the area dry.

Ink Stains

Nobody likes finding ink stains on their car carpet, but if you have naughty kids, this is nothing new. Don’t worry, this one is simple to get rid of. Begin by spraying the stain with hairspray and sprinkling a little amount of table salt straight on it. Before drying the area with a towel, rub it with a damp cloth in circular motions first.

Spilled Beverage Stains

Unexpected bumps, sharp twists, and abrupt stops can result in a few mishaps. Coffee and soda stains, for example, are easily cleaned with cold water and paper towels. Soak the stain in cold water for a few minutes, then blot the area dry with paper towels or a cloth. Let enough time for the area to dry. Use cold water instead of hot water to avoid setting the stain and making it much more difficult to remove.

Stains from Vomit

In a car, vomiting can be a genuine pain. Vomit should be cleaned as soon as possible in either case, since it can leave an unpleasant stench and harm the carpet. We suggest using a can or bottle of ordinary club soda for this. Apply it to the affected region and scrub with a moist towel in circular motions. The soda’s bubbles likely lift the stain, allowing you to remove it with ease. When you’re finished, just dry the area with a towel or cloth.

You can also form a paste with equal amounts of water and baking soda if you’re concerned about the stink. Allow it to sit for up to 10 minutes after applying it to the affected region. Baking soda works wonders when it comes to absorbing odors. Remove it with a moist towel after lightly scrubbing it with a cloth or brush.

Grease Marks

Greasy stains on a carpet are unappealing to say the least, but they’re simple to remove. Using a cotton cloth and a tiny amount of paint thinner, scrape the stain in circular motions. Blot any excess paint thinner with a paper towel. Paint thinner has the potential to stain or degrade your carpet. Before treating the stain, test the thinner in a tiny, inconspicuous area.

Key Takeaways

Having a clean car is nearly impossible, some say, but we disagree. Keeping it that way can be challenging, especially when children and dogs make a mess. However, there are always solutions to address those concerns. A great approach to maintain the carpet stain-free is to keep the car orderly. While driving, keep food and beverages to a minimum and use floor mats to protect the carpet. If you discover a spill or stain, clean it up right away with the procedures listed above.

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