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Higher Fuel Costs Create Healthier Habits

by Joshua Liberles on May 13, 2008

GallupGAS Higher Fuel Costs Create Healthier Habits
A recent Gallup poll proves that high prices at the pump are changing the habits of American drivers. Eighty-four percent of respondents said they had cut back on daily driving by consolidating trips or taking other measures to reduce mileage, while 31% said they now took public transit, biked, or walked instead of driving. A full 60% of Americans polled said they had cut back on household spending to compensate for higher gas prices. With rising energy costs and a serious shortage of fuel, cars may become obsolete sooner than we think.

Perhaps as fuel costs rise, waistlines will shrink. I expect, at the very least, that even more of us will turn to public transit and pedestrian transportation as gas prices go higher. It’s disappointing, however, that it’s taking dollars–not common, environmental sense–to diminish our dependence on cars. The Gallup poll also notes that it’s the "have-nots" (those who make less than $75k/year) who are cutting back on their driving, not the wealthy, who, as of yet, feel relatively unaffected by the fuel crisis.

Sources: Sightline Daily and Gallup.

Photos via flickr by {Teegan} and WVS.

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1 Nathan June 22, 2008 at 2:13 am

I wish my city had that kind of bike culture..

How did Portland become such a bicycle friendly city?


2 Mark June 22, 2008 at 12:02 pm

Some great ideas for our local bikeweek.

I like the themed events, the 80’s themed dance party and spartan 300 ride sound awesome. Unicycle polo could be the next olympic sport.

Someone [i]please[/i] youtube some of this stuff!


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