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Green Structure Housing Pollution-Makers

by Joshua Liberles on October 5, 2007

santamonica Green Structure Housing Pollution-Makers

The greater Los Angeles area is known for many things. Among them are: sunshine, movie stars, insane sprawl, smog, and the ultimate car-culture. Of course, providing parking for all of these gas-guzzling metal behemoths is of the utmost importance.

Santa Monica, in an effort to pay attention to environmental concerns, has constructed the first sustainable parking structure in the U.S. The structure is made from recycled construction materials, uses a storm drain water treatment system, and is designed to be energy efficient. The extensive solar photovoltaic system will take care of the building’s power needs. The garage aims to be the first ever LEED-certified parking structure.
The six-story garage is 290,000 square feet and offers parking spots for 882 cars, with plans to add 1,712 more (for another $180 million). There’s artwork installed inside on every level of the garage, which may help soothe the pain of those who had to endure seeing this hideous-looking structure from the outside.
Santa Monica deserves credit for being a progressively-minded, green city. And, if a building needs to be constructed, well kudos for making it sustainable. But surely I’m not the only one who sees the intense irony here, perhaps one of the greenest structures in the area devoted to housing 882 of the worst environmental offenders we have: freaking cars!

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