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Distracted Drivers More Deadly than Drunks

by Joshua Liberles on July 12, 2008

carectomyimage-negligent Distracted Drivers More Deadly than DrunksYou’ve probably heard that traveling by train, plane, or, for that matter, space shuttle, is statistically safer than commuting by car. Why? The primary culprit isn’t monster trucks, speed demons, or even drunk drivers (not that any of these things are good). According to one web site, www.negligentdriving.com, it’s negligent drivers—people applying lipstick, making calls, changing radio stations, sending text messages, eating lunch, swigging coffee, swatting at kids, or even scoping televisions or newspapers while at the wheel. Some are sleep deprived; some merely distracted; others downright stupid.

Every 13 minutes, the site reports, negligent driving takes a life. Deaths caused by drunk drivers have plummeted over the last 20 years, yet overall traffic fatalities have increased. [see graphic]

graph_declinefatalities Distracted Drivers More Deadly than Drunks










The site serves as a hub for “research and government data to illustrate today’s traffic safety situation and to educate the public regarding the hazards posed by negligent driving.” Their mission, of course, is to make roads safer. The organization also broadcasts PSAs via television and bus advertisements.

Here’s one example of what (and who) they’re targeting:

In response, some states are cracking down on distracted driving with serious penalties, including those for using cell phones.

Photos via flickr by ehoyer and GARNET.

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