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Erectile issue impacts men of all races, and there is with more energetic men starting now having ED. Aging is no longer directly associated with the onset of erectile dysfunction as believed by many. The sexual disorder is in actuality giving a huge impact in a man’s life, and being able to lose manhood untimely is amazingly troublesome and debilitating. To overcome ED problems and help men find their solution to improving their manhood, scientists have developed drugs that will make the lives of ED patients more manageable.

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Generic Levitra Vardenafil Side Effects

Vardenafil HCl is basically the generic version of the brand Levitra, thus it is sometimes called generic Levitra.  Vardenafil HCl is a drug whose mode of action is to allow men with sexual impotence to get a momentary erection so they will be able to have successful sex with their partners.  Medical professional consider vardenafil HCl to be safer than the popular ED drug Viagra because you will less likely encounter any visual changes while one vardenafil HCl.  In fact, vardenafil is very safe that it can even be used by people with conditions or diseases like diabetes, prostate cancer, hypertension, liver and kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.  Despite this, it cannot be said that vardenafil HCl is not without any side effects. Read more…

Cyclists: The Intermediate Stage between Humans and Pure Energy

by Joshua Liberles on April 13, 2008

MonkeyDust Cyclists: The Intermediate Stage between Humans and Pure Energy
I’m not sure how I’ve managed to avoid the fabulous British animated show Monkey Dust until now. BBC3 aired the show in 2003 and kept it running for three seasons. Wikipedia describes it as “a British animated TV series that satirises the darker side of life in the United Kingdom. It deals with taboo subjects and has drawn controversy for its portrayal of murderers and paedophiles.”

Thanks to time well-spent browsing the wonderful worldwide web, I came across the clip below that both nails the inherent superiority of riding a bike as well as the hypocrisy, elitism, and attitudes some riders exhibit. It’s awesome, check it out!

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