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Cyclists Pwn Cars on LA Freeways — Carectomy - Removing Cars from People

Cyclists Pwn Cars on LA Freeways

by Kate Trainor on May 12, 2008

LaFreewayBIKES Cyclists Pwn Cars on LA Freeways
Do you ever get frustrated with all of the yahoos sitting in stop-n’-go freeway traffic, jabbering away on their cellphones in “air conditioned comfort.” There’s got to be a better, less polluting way.

Well, check out Crimanimal’s video below of some cyclists who said, laws be damned, we’re taking back the streets. And by streets, I mean L.A. Freeways! How can the stopped motorists help but feel like a bunch of jackasses as these cyclists casually whiz past them on the interstate?

Photos via flickr by Nitro101 & christophe dune.

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