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Copenhagen Cycles to Work

by Joshua Liberles on April 11, 2008

CopenhagenCycles2Work Copenhagen Cycles to Work
This week the city of Copenhagen launched its We Cycle to Work (Vi cykler til arbejde) campaign. Co-workers form teams and agree to cycle as much as possible for their commutes. The teams log how many kilometers they commute as a group in a month with winning teams earning prizes.

Apparently Copenhagen’s city officials are getting in on the action and helping to promote the event. Klaus Bondam, the Vice Mayor of Copenhagen, is the guy exhuberantly handing out free breakfast rolls ("danishes" perhaps?) and reflective leg bands to commuters in the photo at the top of the post.

Copenhagen is already renowned as one of the world’s most bike friendly cities. We’ve shown you cool videos of bikes streaming by in the city and reported on Copenhagen’s girls on bikes gone wild. Clearly the city is far from resting on its laurels and is taking an active role in promoting the bicycles as a viable transport solution. I’d love to see more initiatives like this stateside!

Via Copenhagenzine. Check them out for great info on Copenhagen’s impressive bike scene.

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1 Ben December 11, 2007 at 3:20 pm

I will have to watch that movie. It looks great.

It doesn’t look too much like Woody Allen to me. There is more resemblance to Johnny Depp:


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