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Consumers Fed Up with Ethanol

by Joshua Liberles on August 20, 2008

ConsumersEthanol Consumers Fed Up with Ethanol
At Carectomy, we’ve spent significant ink (err… pixels) lambasting the “solution” that biofuels provide. Now, as the NY Times reports, consumers are getting fed up with the ethanol mixed in with their gas to boot. It’s not an awakening of conscience; they just don’t think the stuff works.

From the NY Times:

Many consumers complain that ethanol, which constitutes as much as 10 percent of the fuel they buy in most states, hurts gas mileage and chokes the engines of their boats and motorcycles.

And, from Gristmill:

In Oklahoma, some vendors are refusing to sell ethanol-spiked gasoline. And they’re winning customers with signs like "No Corn in Our Gas" and "Why Do You Put Alcohol in Your Tank?" the Times claims. In Oregon, new rules requiring the state’s fuel supply be E10 — a mix of 90 percent gasoline and 10 percent ethanol — are being associated with sputtering boat engines and failing weed whackers.

Beyond the functional concerns, biofuels in general, and ethanol specifically, just aren’t doing anything to improve our environmental impact. Unless we’re recycling grease from the fry-o-lator, biofuels are doing more harm than good. In fact growing our fuel looks to be worse that relying on gasoline. More land devoted towards transportation needs means less food and more global hunger. Battle lines are being drawn between fueling the weatlhy’s SUVs and supplying sustenance for the poor – and guess who will win that one? Biofuel production has led to increased deforestation and, in turn, more global warming.

Gristmill, again:

Meanwhile, taxpayers are shelling out billions for the troubles they perceive at the pump. Consider that in one of many, many government handouts to ethanol makers, tax payers surrender 51 cents in revenue for every gallon of ethanol that gets mixed into the fuel supply. This year, government mandates dictate that we mix in 9 billion gallons, a level that will climb to 15 billion gallons by 2015.

It’s U.S. business and politics as usual. The efficiency of the country’s corn-based ethanol production, in terms of energy put in and energy yielded, is laughable. Yet it’s politically popular as it continues to support agribusiness and, indirectly, the oil industry. As wealth is further redistributed to the rich few we pay not just in money but with our soil, climate, planet, and health.

Photo via flickr by sroemerm

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1 Gregory July 26, 2008 at 1:59 pm

people dont realize these things at all. what a great video for ideas and composition alike. Boston has been rough but glad you made it out.

I think you should do a Boston city readers meet-up i’ve seen other blogs do it successfully on a large scale, i dont know about your reader base but you run a great site. LOOK INTO IT!


2 Clinch July 27, 2008 at 10:43 pm

The human body is a terrible engine, it’s much less efficient than most car engines, has a relatively (in terms of engines) low max power output, has a lower energy or distance to lifetime than car engines, is full of faults etc.


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