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We don’t really think about how that twenty five dollar flip flop might hurt the environment. Just to think about it most main brand shoes ranging from Jordan’s to Clark’s use mainly rubber to create their shoes. To make these shoes that we have come to know and love releases bad chemicals into the air [...]

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Free Running: The Newest of the Extreme Sports

The extreme sports of skateboarding and BMX have now branched out into running as well. Running is no longer for men in short shorts and spiked shoes. Free running has been born. Basically, free running is getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most flamboyant way possible. Free runners, participants of this [...]

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Consumers Fed Up with Ethanol

At Carectomy, we’ve spent significant ink (err… pixels) lambasting the “solution” that biofuels provide. Now, as the NY Times reports, consumers are getting fed up with the ethanol mixed in with their gas to boot. It’s not an awakening of conscience; they just don’t think the stuff works.

From the NY Times:
Many consumers complain that ethanol, [...]

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Robert Novak Hits Pedestrian, Citizen Prevents His Escape

Robert Novak, long time conservative commentator and general hater of non-motorized transport hit a pedestrian today…and then tried to run away.
A few years back Novak was cited for cursing at a jaywalker, but today, apparently not seeing the 66 year-old man crossing the street, he actually hit a pedestrian and then sped away. Commuter cyclist / laywer [...]

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Owner of Sports “Futility Vehicle” Full of Regrets

Once-carefree car-owners are now confessing to the error of their gluttonous, planet-ravaging ways. Columnist and Land Rover driver Judith Warner wrote a public confession on Thursday’s New York Times Blog.
“This is a story of selfishness and greed,” she writes, “of self-centeredness, envy and the ignorant folly of a person too short-sighted to realize she should [...]

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Hummers Last Hurrah

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Law Would Let S.F. Cyclists Blow Stop Signs

The city of San Francisco is considering a law that would allow cyclists to breeze through stop signs. Supporters hope that the law, which already passed in Iowa, will encourage people to ride bikes because it “makes it easier” to do so.
"Bicycles would still have to yield if there was a car at a [...]

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California Prices Pumpin’ Up!

I came across the above photo on Carfree Portland’s website while checking up on their Towards Carfree Cities conference – which is taking place right now. The numbers made me do a double take, but these prices are for real as of June 6th. Expect the rest of the nation’s pump prices to follow soon!

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Business Bikers Take Manhattan

It’s not what you think: this man isn’t cycling the streets of Amsterdam, nor is he on his way to a business brunch in Copenhagen.
Flanked almost entirely by yellow cabs, this commuter could only be in New York City. He was spotted at the corner of 5th Avenue and 58th Street by Bicycles [...]

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Velib: Great Video of Bike Sharing in Paris

Lyon and Paris, France developed the modern bike sharing models and after the wild success of their Velo’v and Vélib programs, cities around the world are scrambling to follow suit. Barcelona, Spain has the wildly popular Bicing, Washington D.C. just launched their SmartBike operation and Portland, OR, Montreal, Canada, and a host of other [...]

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