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Bloomberg Supports Parking Lot for Big Box Store?

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, famous for his attempts to decrease car traffic in Manhattan, has endorsed construction of a new Costco retail store along with its 2,300 parking spaces.
From the NY Sun:
At a press conference yesterday, Mr. Bloomberg said bringing the big-box warehouse chain to the city would help New Yorkers weather a [...]

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Car vs Bike Tensions Heat Up

Dan Cooley of Louisville, KY lost fifteen pounds in four months – and saved cash and a bit of the environment along the way. Cooley, like many, was fed up with rising gas prices and temperatures and turned to bicycle commuting.
But on the morning July 25th, Cooley fell victim to a malicious act of road [...]

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Scooters Up, Ford Down

In a telling confluence of events, the Boston Globe recently reported on Ford’s all-time worst financial quarter while just a few newspaper pages away, a Rhode Island electric scooter company celebrated a tenfold expansion in its business.

The common ingredient, of course, is high gas prices. Ford’s truck- and SUV-heavy American operations are scrambling to take [...]

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The End of the S.U.V. Era

Money is slipping like Saudi sand through the greedy fingers of automakers. It’s safe to say their heyday is over, with gas prices weaning the drivers off of fat-tire guzzlers and turning them on to more efficient modes of transport.
General Motors, maker of many a bone-crushing S.U.V., is in bad shape after losing $15.5 Billion [...]

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When Cars Are Extinct

If the auto industry doesn’t die out soon, civilization as we know it certainly will. This cartoon emphasizes the kind of power automakers – like General Motors – have on the American public and lawmakers, and the propagandized notion that ‘what’s good for industry is good for America.’ As the cartoon implies, we’re [...]

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America’s Most Walkable Cities

Walk Score has surveyed 2,508 neighborhoods across the 40 biggest U.S. cities to come up with their list of the best places to live if you want to ditch your car. Nearby stores, restaurants, schools, and parks all boost a city’s rank.
There are some definite surprises that made the list, especially So Cal’s offerings. [...]

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Record-Breaking Ridership on Amtrak’s Downeaster

There’s been a sizable passenger increase on Amtrak’s Downeaster line, which connects commuters between Portland, Maine and Boston. Ridership went up by a whopping 28% in this past fiscal year. This translated to a daily increase of 948 passengers and a 33% increase in ticket revenues.
Amtrak officials cite high gas prices coupled with more [...]

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Suburban Sprawl and Brand New Ghost Towns in LA

It’s becoming progressively more clear that the quintessentially American tendency to construct sprawling, car-centric communities is coming to a screeching halt. Part of the blame lies with the ongoing crises with mortgage institutions, which has repercussions on the housing market nationwide.
However, it’s the unsustainable sprawl that’s the hardest hit. Here are the comments of [...]

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Carectomy on Broadway: Crowded Midtown Gets A Makeover

Manhattan may see more foot traffic than any other U.S. city, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced new plans to create more pedestrian space on one of the Big Apple’s busiest streets.
The city will replace two of four bustling lanes of traffic on Broadway in Midtown with a public esplanade, including a bike lane, pedestrian [...]

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Americans Drive 30 Billion Fewer Miles

The gas crisis is prompting more carectomies than we can count. USA Today reported on Monday that drivers have cut back their time on the road by 30 billion miles. That’s no small beans, particularly in a country as car-obsessed as the States. It’s the biggest dip in American mileage since the Iranian Revolution prompted [...]

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