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Diesel Exhaust Hurts Your Brain

New research indicates that exposure to diesel exhaust may cause long-term damage to brain function. The study, conducted by Particle & Fibre Toxicology, tracked the effects of the nanoparticles found in diesel exhaust.
Earlier studies have demonstrated that the nanoparticles were capable of traveling to subjects’ brains after being inhaled. This was the first research [...]

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In California, it Pays Not to Park

If someone paid you to park your car at home and find an alternate way to get to work, would you take the money and run? Angelenos and commuters throughout California are cashing in on a new program that pays them to take transit or their own two legs, instead of their cars.
Among California’s [...]

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London’s Congestion Pricing Cuts Emissions, Study Says

A recent study by researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and King’s College has found that London’s congestion pricing initiative has not only reduced emissions, but has effected better health in city residents.
The study, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that Londoners are already reaping the [...]

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AAA Study: Cars, Congestion, Cost, and Carnage

The American Automobile Association (AAA) just published a remarkable study quantifying the economic impacts of both congestion and car crashes (PDF Link). Perhaps the most surprising element of this report on two of the car-system’s biggest drawbacks is its source: AAA is an über-powerful pro-auto and highway lobbying group that well deserves its reputation for [...]

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Pasadena for Peds

Southern California, slave to a system of clogged freeways, seems an unlikely place for a pedestrian paradise. But the sunny Eden of Pasadena is embracing a reputation as one of the state’s most ped-friendly places. Its “Downtown Pasadena Walkabout event ”early this month attracted hundreds of locals who walked to support a more [...]

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Transport for London Invites Drivers to Test Awareness

Modern day driving often involves multi-tasking: drinking a frappuccino while sending a text message, skipping songs on your iPod, steering the car with your knees, and changing lanes. Distractions abound, both within the car and out on the streets. Do you have what it takes to maintain adequate focus? Transport for London (TFL) has put [...]

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California Trains to Go High-Speed?

Argentina has recently announced plans to construct the first true high-speed rail in the Americas. Although most developed countries, particularly in Asia and Europe, rely on high-speed trains to whisk people around, the U.S. is woefully behind the curve. Come this November, that may be longer be the case; California voters will decide whether a [...]

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Green is the New Black for New York Limos

Wealthy New York executives will get a greener ride under Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to make the city’s black limousines more eco-friendly. Most millionaires wouldn’t be caught dead taking the subway or—heaven forbid—a public bus, but we’re all better off if they forego driving their Bentley and take a shared limo or car service, instead. [...]

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Pedal-Powered Snow Plow

Be green while clearing the fluffy white! That’s the idea behind Kevin Blake’s pedal-powered snowplow. Rather than burning gas and spewing fumes, Blake’s design relies on your quads. Must be a good way to stay warm on cold and snowy winter mornings.
Unlike some of the hair-brained (but really fun) bicycle-lawnmowers, this contraption actually does the [...]

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Make it Funky: Hip-Hop Video Promotes Bikes on Buses

Louisville, Kentucky’s TARC (Transit Authority of River City) has put together a hip-hop video to promote their on-bus bike racks. The video demonstrates the simplicity of loading a bike onto a bus, and encourages the use of multi-modal transportation.
"Use a Bike Rack, from YouTube:

TARC spokesperson Nina Walfoort wrote the video’s lyrics and TARC employees are [...]

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