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Subway — Carectomy - Removing Cars from People

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City Dwellers Pollute Less

Although most of the planet’s man-made greenhouse gas contributions come from cities, that statistic is deceptive – the majority of the Earth’s population live in urban settings. Per capita, the emissions of city dwellers is much lower than those living in more rural settings.
According to a recent study by the Brookings Institute focused on 2005 [...]

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Bikes, Cars, Helmets, and Psychology

There have been many comments in our bicycle-related articles about safety and proper riding styles. Any time we post a photo of a ride sans helmet, some readers inevitably let us hear about it. They feel that presenting an unhelmeted rider sets a bad precedent.
Generally, I would agree. If I’m going to be in [...]

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Where Do Bikes Belong?

We at Carectomy view bikes as a legitimate form of transportation, not merely an exercise method or recreational distraction. Bikes are traffic and as the popular pro-bike slogans espouse, “Bikes Belong” and “Same Road, Same Rights, Same Rules.”
One recent editorial in the Washington Post echoes an all-too-frequent perspective of motorists to keep bikes where they [...]

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Japanese Monorail Gets IKEA Makeover

Since its recent makeover by IKEA, the Kobe Portliner Monorail in Japan is now more stylish (and probably more comfortable) than my living room. The funky Swedish furniture manufacturer has redecorated the Monorail to celebrate last month’s opening of a new store in Port Island.
The train is bright with color, both inside and out, [...]

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As Bangalore Gets Bigger, Peds are Pushed Aside

The people of Bangalore are getting nowhere fast. Without adequate public transportation and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, one of the fastest growing cities in India is struggling to support its informal sector (read: the poorest of poor workers in one of the world’s most impoverished countries) in their most basic tasks: traveling to work and [...]

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Albuquerque Strives Not to Drive

Beginning today, the fair city of Albuquerque, N.M. is holding a "Strive Not To Drive" week, during which residents are encouraged to relinquish their cars for more efficient, eco-friendly forms of transportation. The city is also urging habitual drivers to try alternative forms of transport, and is spotlighting a different form of car-free travel [...]

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Love in the Bike Lane: NYC Cyclists Stand Their Ground

Urban cyclists do battle in city bike lanes: they dodge illegally parked cars, open doors, makeshift loading zones, or drivers that use the bike lane as a freeway. In New York City, blocking a bike lane can earn you a $115 fine, but the regulation is seldom enforced.
Cyclists in New York are standing their [...]

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All Aboard for National Train Day

May 10th marks the first edition of National Train Day, a celebration of trains, tracks, mass transit, and efficient travel. The date is significant as the anniversary of the joining of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railways in Utah 1869 – which created the US’ first transcontinental railroad.
The train became more than the [...]

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LA’s New Trains: Taking Back Sprawl Land?

Metrolink, Los Angeles’ mass transit train system, introduced its first of a new line of high-speed diesel-electric hybrid trains to coincide with Earth Day last week. Metrolink claims that their new MotivePower MPXpress commuter locomotives are the most energy efficient and least polluting hybrids currently available.
According to Keith Millhouse, Metrolink vice chairman, "The locomotive we’re [...]

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The Year of Living Car-lessly Experiment

In his "The Year of Living Car-lessly Experiment," Sightline director Alan Durning documents his family’s first year of functioning as a car-free household in 2007. The blog catalogues the pros and perils of going car-less in his community of Ballard, in Seattle, WA. (And, as the Durnings discover, it’s not as tough as [...]

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