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The Great Car Commuter Challenge

If you’ve ever wondered how the other side lives, here’s your chance to find out. The Nova Channel, “the world’s first online television channel dedicated to transport,” challenged car commuters to use the passenger rail, instead of their cars, to get to work. Their short, documentary film follows Halifax commuter Julian McEvoy as [...]

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Australia Announces World’s First Solar-Powered, Free City Bus

The Tindo bus is the stuff of car-free, green, geeky dreams: It epitomizes efficient urban transportation and energy use, and to top it all off, it’s free. Our friends at EcoGeek first tipped up off to the story.
The world’s first solar-powered, electric bus hit the streets of Adelaide, Australia and has been catching [...]

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British Health Organization Puts Walkers and Cyclists First

Citing obesity, cancer, and heart disease rates in the sedentary, Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (that’s “Nice” for short) has recommended that city planners and architects design exercise into towns and new buildings.
Mike Kelly, director of Nice’s center for public health excellence, estimates that inactivity costs Britain £8.2 billion per year in [...]

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Who Killed the Streetcars?

About.com does a great job of answering part of the question in the must-read article The Great American Streetcar Scandal. It’s a great primer on how General Motors, with the help of corporate giants Standard Oil, Firestone Tire, Mack Truck, and Phillips Petroleum were instrumental in dismantling the nation’s elaborate streetcar system and building up [...]

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S.F. to Charge Market Rates for Parking

The goal in San Francisco is to decrease traffic congestion and the accompanying pollution. The solution: to charge a fluctuating market rate to keep metered space occupancy rates at 85%. That way, spaces are available for would-be parkers, which decreases the amount of circling for spots. This will do much to keep cars moving in [...]

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Bike Racing Team Lightens Car-Load

The CLIF Bar Development Cyclocross team is doing things a little bit differently, and hopes to set a trend in the process. In addition to doing their best to win races and have a successful season, they’re greening up their act.
New for 2007, the team is utilizing a waste vegetable oil powered school bus to [...]

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Utilitarian Pedaling

It doesn’t come as news to most of us that bikes are the most efficient form of transportation ever devised. Most of the bike use in the United States is for fitness or just pleasure cruising. About as utilitarian as we tend to get is bike commuting or running occasional errands.

In places where bike use [...]

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