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Please Dont Bike To School!?!?

I found an article on kids not being allowed to ride their bikes to school. It was in Saratoga Springs NY. School officials protested against a mother and son when they decided to ride their bikes to school on Bike to Work day. The boy’s bike was confiscated. Read story on The Saratogian here: [...]

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Car Parking Free Light Rail Stations

“Light rail was meant to be fed by people taking the bus, walking or biking,” said Rick Sheridan, spokesman for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). “It was not meant to be fed by cars.”
Light rail starting in Seattle this Saturday is generating some bad PR for not having car parking at the stations. Restricted [...]

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Carectomy Looking for Writers

Hi all. I took over the site from Hank a bit ago and gave it a little makeover, and I would like to begin filling it with great content again. I decided to take over because of my natural interest in the subject, and it is that same interest that will have me posting from [...]

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Sex Sells Bikes, Bikes Sell Sex?

I have to admit that I don’t quite understand lingerie company Triumph’s rationale behind the publicity stunt captured on video below. Women in their underwear riding in and parading behind a pedicab down a main street in Copenhagen. Cycling is so widespread and mainstream, perhaps it helps to market the merchandise? Without doubt, the hot [...]

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Car’s Death Liberates Minnesota Man

When Bryan Bertsch’s vehicle met its demise, it was easy for him to focus on the negatives and the inconveniences. He and his wife were faced with a mounting credit card debt and were now reduced to one car.
Bertsch was forced to rely on his bicycle to commute to work, from Minneapolis to Minnetonka, Minnesota. [...]

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Portland’s Depaving Day

The World Carfree Network kicked off their recent Towards Carfree Cities conference in Portland, Oregon with Depaving Day. Depave.org teamed up with conference participants to replace a 3,000 square-foot chunk of asphalt with a community garden and gathering space. Some of the land will be used to grow food and enable area residents to eat [...]

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PIRG Announces Video Contest to Promote Public Transit

Readers, get thy camcorders. U.S. PIRG, the federation of state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), is accepting entries for a video contest that would help convince bureacrats to implement better, faster, more efficient public transit and reduce road traffic. In the last decade, PIRG reports, the hours people spend stuck in traffic have skyrocketed [...]

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To Make Cities “Resilient,” Reduce Car Travel

Peter Newman, an environmental scientist from Perth, Australia, recently visited Portland, Oregon to gather materials for the book he’s writing on sustainability and urban development. He sees similarities between the two cities – they’re both on the countries’ west coasts, have transitioned away from their natural resource-based industries, and are national leaders in their focus [...]

In London, Biggest Polluters to Pay a Higher Price

In February, the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, introduced congestion zone fees for highly trafficked areas. The fee system has been so successful at reducing traffic and encouraging pedestrian travel, Livingstone has already announced plans to tighten congestion zone rules to further reduce traffic on London’s streets.
Beginning in October of 2008, the daily [...]

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Carectomy Week in Review 11

Pope and Southern Baptists Agree: Driving is a Sin

Earlier this week, the Roman Catholic Church issued a modern addendum to the original seven deadly sins. The list, published in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, includes polluting. In a strange, yet telling confluence of events, Southern Baptist leaders also had an about-face on their position on [...]

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