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Mass Transit

Car Parking Free Light Rail Stations

“Light rail was meant to be fed by people taking the bus, walking or biking,” said Rick Sheridan, spokesman for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). “It was not meant to be fed by cars.”
Light rail starting in Seattle this Saturday is generating some bad PR for not having car parking at the stations. Restricted [...]

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Putting Cars to Good Use: Furniture

Surging gas prices have helped to push our tastes away from the auto. Dealers have stopped taking SUVs as trade-ins as their resale values plummet to next-to-nil and other inefficient cars are finding their way to the junkyard quickly.
So, what to do with all of the hunks of undesired metal accumulating on our landscape? [...]

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RVers Rambling Less on the Road

The front page of Monday’s Boston Globe calls attention to the fact that people are driving less, sacrificing pleasure trips in lieu of more practical concerns, like saving money and fuel. (Sadly, it seems saving the planet takes a figurative backseat in America.)
Road-trippers are using their RVs to cover fewer miles, the article reports, [...]

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Where to Live Now that Gas Prices are Crazy

Common Current has recently released a report[pdf link] rating America’s 50 largest cities based on their livability with expensive gas prices. Quality of mass transit, density of housing (or amount of sprawl), amount of petroleum consumed for home heating, and number of teleworkers all factor into the equation.
As gas prices increase, the importance of [...]

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Pedalpalooza Makes it All About the Bike!

Pedalpalooza is where always-bike-friendly Portland, Oregon gets the chance to truly flaunt it’s spectacular two-wheeled culture. The 2-week festival boasts 219 events, hosted by volunteers, featuring everything from family-friendly group rides, bike-in movies, and bike polo, to a Swingers’ ride and a Bowie vs. Prince mobile dance party (described as a “slow pace with frequent [...]

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Prices be Damned, Keep on Driving that Huge Car?

A recent article in the Ottawa Citizen argues that it’s both impractical and illogical to trade in gas guzzlers for the money saved on fuel. Depreciation and financing costs of a large SUV vs. a less expensive, more fuel efficient vehicle represent the lion’s share of the operating costs, argues the Citizen.
From the Ottawa Citizen, [...]

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Calfee’s Bamboo Tandem Bikes: Green and Social

A while back, we wrote about Calfee Design’s ultra-hip and ultra-green bamboo bike frames (See: Riding on Grass: Calfee’s Bamboo Bikes). Now company owner Craig Calfee is expanding his bamboo line to include a tandem option for the dynamic duo who seeks both a high quality, smooth ride as well as a bike that’s [...]

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Heyyyy, Ladies: The Perils and Pitfalls for Femi-Cyclists

We’ve addressed most run-of-the-mill safety issues that surround cycling here on Carectomy, like keeping a wary eye out for reckless drivers, following traffic laws, using hand signals, wearing bright lights at night, and protecting your noggin’—in essence, the basics. But we have yet to cover one issue that, to me, appears more pressing—and which [...]

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Eurostar Appeases Cyclists with “Bikes on Board”

For a small fee, cyclists in the U.K., France, and Brussels can ride the train without the usual hassle or headache of toting their bike. After protests over its lack of bike facilities this past fall, the Eurostar, (the high-speed train that shuttles passengers across the English Channel via an underwater tunnel) has amended its [...]

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Pedal Powered Car Case Laughed Out of Court

A couple months ago we had news of a pedal-powered car being pulled over by the Toronto Police. Artist Michael de Broin had designed the car as part of an exhibit, and had stripped the car (a 1986 Buick Regal) of "superfluous devices" including the engine, suspension, transmission and electrical system. The headlights [...]

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