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Cities Shrink Car Fleets as Fuel Costs Grow

As fuel prices rise, gas-hogs aren’t the only ones downsizing their driving. Cities are also cracking down on time spent behind the wheel. A report in the Boston Globe states Boston area officials are implementing new standards for city employees who drive “take-home vehicles” provided by the city.
Unsurprisingly, employees are outraged [...]

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Hungarian Hybrid Combines Solar, Gas, Electric, and Pedal Power

If you’re going to drive a car, a super-fuel-efficient model, such as a hybrid or electric car, is the way to go. Of course, better still is to get on your bike or to ride mass transit, which can also be “green-powered.”
The Antro Solo is a new Hungarian car model that combines solar, gas, [...]

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New Research: Gas Prices and Behavioral Tipping Points

It’s hard to miss the effects of rising gas prices all around us. Coupled with the accompanying spike in food costs and the threat of a general economic recession, the national belt-tightening is evident. Miles driven have plummeted along with car sales while mass transit ridership and bike use continue to flourish.
A recent study by [...]

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You’re Fat and You Need to Ride Your Bike

Here’s some classic You Tube: really low production value coupled with cornball song n’ dance and an acoustic guitar. But the carectomy-friendly message is spot on and it all takes place in my home-away-from home, Albuquerque, NM.
Face it people – as Rachel Gibson and Peter Walsh say, “You’re fat and you need to ride your [...]

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Gas Prices Squeeze Car Racers Too

It’s not just the everyday car-commuters and airline travelers who are feeling the effects of soaring gas prices; car racing teams have found themselves cutting corners and skipping events to stay on budget.
The Indianapolis 500 and Nascar drivers aren’t feeling the squeeze – increased gas costs represent a minor component of their overall sponsor-supported budgets. [...]

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Could Less Money Make Us More Green?

Is a faltering economy good for the environment? If rising gas prices aren’t a sure enough sign that we need to change our ways, a recession may be just what Americans need to reduce waste, stop driving, and wake up to impending ecological crises.

Outside writer Elizabeth Hightower posits this possibility in the June issue of [...]

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Ciclovia Helps Peds Take Back Baltimore Streets

This fall, Baltimore is scheduled for a serious carectomy. Under persistent pressure from Greg Cantori and his staunch supporters, including Sunday Streets, the city will host a Ciclovia during which pedestrians—cyclists, skaters, walkers—will dominate the streets. As in Bogota, a Ciclovia celebrates pedestrian traffic and bans cars from road travel (or, at [...]

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LA’s Slow Ride to Car-Free Freedom

My complaints about Los Angeles are cumulative. I appreciate L.A. as a city and love to visit, but know I’d never hack it as a resident (nor, for that matter, would I want to). I’m put off by the culture of collagen, the glitz and the greed, and the simple fact that Angelenos [...]

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Free Handgun with Every Car Purchase!

Kill two birds with one stone or, better yet, forgo the rock-slinging, hop in your dually pickup, and shoot everything in sight! Max Motors, a new and used car dealership in Butler, Missouri, is offering a free handgun or $250 in gasoline with every vehicle purchase.
The incentive has garnered the dealership a ton of [...]

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Calculate the “Real Costs” of Your Travel

Real Costs is a powerful internet browser plugin that calculates the CO2 emissions of a would-be traveler’s proposed journey. The plug in works with Firefox and will automatically insert emissions data when you visit an airline booking page. So, for example, when you look into flights on Expedia.com, Real Costs will show the per [...]

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