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Biking in Tandem Saves a Marriage

The simple machine known as the bicycle remains the most efficient form of transportation on the planet. Although people may congregate into groups and ride together in makeshift pelotons, there is something inherently individual about biking. Riders rely on their own power for propulsion and are rewarded with independence, freedom, and all the sights, sounds, [...]

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Riding Along Together: Carpooling

Americans are freaking out over gas prices and the country’s transportation choices are undergoing real change for the first time in decades. Miles driven and car sales have waned while mass transit ridership and cycling have soared. But, as a recent Boston Globe article laments, carpooling still hasn’t seem the same spike.
Good for the environment, [...]

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Library Opts for Bike Delivery

Two separate libraries in Ames, Iowa have begun using bicycle delivery service for interlibrary loans, rather than sending them through the mail. The Ames Public Library and Iowa State University Library are both located in Ames and are only a couple miles apart from each other. Mailing books to each other routed the packages through [...]

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Bush and McCain’s Energy Answer: Let’s Drill Some More!

Last week, president Bush reiterated his view that removing restrictions on offshore drilling will provide relief to the country’s energy needs and help to lower prices at the pumps. The only folks who seem to be pushing such an agenda are those who directly profit from it: Bush’s own Energy Department declared that opening up [...]

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America’s Topsy-Turvy Budget Tendencies

Ben Cohen, founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream wanted to create a roving visual depiction of the US’ out-of whack budget spending. He teamed up with New York graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister and artist/mechanic Tom Kennedy to create the Topsy-Turvy bus, affectionately known as “Topsy.”
“Our nation’s spending priorities allow crumbling schools, millions of children [...]

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10 Reasons to Celebrate Expensive Fuel

While most of America is groaning under the weight of their gas bill, Time magazine (and eco-minded folks) are rejoicing at the much-needed, long-overdue change $4 per gallon prices are catalyzing.
The good news, reported by Time:

…it’s true that Americans are finding options where there seemed to be none. They’re ready to change — and [...]

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Chrysler and Florida Lottery have Stupid Ideas for Cash-Strapped Drivers

Gas prices have gotten bad enough that car manufacturers are offering fuel discounts to sell off their guzzling models and state lotteries are offering petroleum prizes in lieu of cash.
First the car-marketing: Rather than actually producing vehicles that are, you know, efficient, Chrysler is offering buyers a locked-in fuel price of $2.99 for 3 years. [...]

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Little Space for Cyclists on Crowded Caltrain

Public transit has faced a surge in ridership since consumers reacted to rising gas prices, and bike sales have risen in tandem for the same reason. This is all good news, of course, but combined, these changes have created new challenges for leaders in the public transit industry. Not only are there more [...]

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Obama Pledges to Support Cyclists

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama recently spoke with bicycle advocates in Chicago, where he pledged to support cyclists and pedestrians. This is exciting news in a country where “transportation” is typically synonymous with “driving.”
From Bicycle Retailer and Industry News:
Barack Obama, in a private 20-minute meeting with members of the Bikes Belong board of directors, [...]

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Bike Sales Skyrocket With Gas Prices

As car sales plummet, bike sales are soaring, reports the Los Angeles Times. To many Americans, there’s only one act more painful than breaking a sweat: spending money. Stingy drivers nationwide are ditching their cars to become road warriors of a different breed, which is spiking bike sales and changing the way we look at [...]

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