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Carectomy Week in Review 3

by Hank Green on January 18, 2008

$4 per Gallon Gas a Good Thing?

fourdollarpergallon(1) Carectomy Week in Review 3

In Europe, where petrol prices are several times higher than the U.S., small, efficient cars are the norm. But there’s also an accompanying tradition of good mast transit, walkable cities, and a support for cycling. Perhaps a spike in fuel prices is just what we need in the U.S. We’ll be forced to stop developing sprawl, which in turn increases gas consumption, pollutes our air, causes global warming, and perhaps kills us all.

Speaking in Volumes: Cars, Buses, and Bikes

Muenster Carectomy Week in Review 3

The photo above (larger image here) illustrates yet another resource that cars waste: public space. This triptych shows the amount of room needed to transport the same number of people by car, bus, or bicycle.

C.H.U.N.K 666: Punk-ass Bikers Have More Fun

ChunkHeader Carectomy Week in Review 3

C.H.U.N.K. 666 is a bicoastal group, with chapters in Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR, dedicated to designing, building, and riding crazy bikes; drinking beers; acting like complete punk-asses; and having the best time they possibly can. All the time.


New York City’s Streets Discriminate by Design

NYCDiscriminate1 Carectomy Week in Review 3

A new report put out by Transportation Alternatives shows how New York City’s layout underserves its senior pedestrians. Traffic speeds are too high, streets are too wide for seniors to safely get across, and driver behavior puts these most vulnerable citizens at risk.

The Pleasant Revolution: A Two-Wheeled, 5,000-Mile Musical Road Show

PleasantRevolution Carectomy Week in Review 3

While I wouldn’t say that going green has quite made the mainstream, it sure as heck is becoming more commonplace. Even rock bands on tour, typically associated with crazy consumption and smashing hotel rooms, have gotten in on the act. But no one has quite gone to the lengths that the Pleasant Revolution has.

Bikes N’ Beers

Miller Carectomy Week in Review 3

Wow, not sure how I missed this one. Here’s a mainstream ad, entitled "Alternative Fuel," that both carectomy patients and cheap beer drinkers can get behind – from Miller no less!

Find Your Home’s Walk Score

WalkScorePOST Carectomy Week in Review 3

Walk Score is a website that rates a neighborhood’s walkability. Google Maps provides the backbone of the service; Walk Score maps out all of the amenities nearby and calculates a numerical score. An area’s Walk Score ranges from 0 (Driving Only, your life is miserable) to 100 (Walker’s Paradise, ditch the car!). The site is intended for real estate agents, home buyers, and renters to assess the foot-friendliness of a new home. Real estate agents are encouraged to post a property’s Walk Score on the listing’s website to flaunt what’s available nearby.

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