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Carectomy Week in Review 11

by Hank Green on March 14, 2008

Pope and Southern Baptists Agree: Driving is a Sin

Pope_SBaptists Carectomy Week in Review 11
Earlier this week, the Roman Catholic Church issued a modern addendum to the original seven deadly sins. The list, published in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, includes polluting. In a strange, yet telling confluence of events, Southern Baptist leaders also had an about-face on their position on global warming this week.

Former Shell Chief Goes Against Guzzle

ShellGuzzlePost Carectomy Week in Review 11
It’s great when anyone makes a stand against gas-guzzling, car-driving business as usual. But when that voice comes from an oil- or auto-industry insider, or a voice of profound influence, there’s cause for celebration. Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former head of Shell Oil, is calling for a ban on cars that get less than 35 miles per gallon.

The Street Formerly Known as Prince

PrinceSt Carectomy Week in Review 11
As far as the SoHo Alliance is concerned, pedestrians will bring the ruination of their hip New York neighborhood. Today, the New York Community Board 2’s Transportation Committee will entertain plans for a pilot project that would make Prince St., in the heart of SoHo, a pedestrian-only thoroughfare—for a mere few hours on Sundays.

The overwhelmingly negative reaction to this proposal—even by New Yorkers, who are largely car-free—only proves how attached people are to their cars. They can’t give them up, even for a few hours a week?

Zero Per Gallon: All Up in Cars’ Grilles

ZPG_Post01 Carectomy Week in Review 11
Are you a proud bike rider who revels in your car-free-ness? Zero Per Gallon is for you. The name derives from the costs of refueling a bike and from not paying into the petro-economy. While zero may be a nice round number, strictly speaking a burrito costs a little more than nada. Still, their guesstimation of “53 miles per burrito” smiles favorably on the bicycle. And burritos taste so much better than gasoline.

Green Manifesto: “My Other Car is a Bright Green City”

Brightgreen Carectomy Week in Review 11
Lowering vehicle emissions looks good on paper, but is it good enough for the planet? Alex Steffen, editor and CEO of the blog WorldChanging, isn’t satisfied by newfangled, eco-friendly technology. He’s posted an in-progress manifesto that calls for a carbon-free culture shock, and claims that even the most efficient cars can’t survive the test of sustainability.

Scottish Man Pedals ‘Round the World

BikeCircum Carectomy Week in Review 11
Mark Beaumont, 25, set the world record for circumnavigating the globe by bike. The Scotsman completed the feat in 195 days, 6 hours – smashing the previous record of 276 days. Beaumont’s start and finish line was in Paris, at the Arc de Triomphe – which also serves as the backdrop for the finish of the Tour de France every year.

California Trains to Go High-Speed?

CalHighSpeed Carectomy Week in Review 11
Argentina has recently announced plans to construct the first true high-speed rail in the Americas. Although most developed countries, particularly in Asia and Europe, rely on high-speed trains to whisk people around, the U.S. is woefully behind the curve. Come this November, that may be longer be the case; California voters will decide whether a high-speed connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco merits passing a $10 billion bond measure.

Audi Driver Bloodthirsty for Bikers—and Reparations

BasqueCrash Carectomy Week in Review 11
Since when did cars become more precious than human life? For Basque businessman Tomas Delgado, that day came in 2004 when he hit and killed a 17-year-old cyclist—then sued the deceased teen’s family for $30,000 in damages to his vehicle and for the car he rented to replace his totaled Audi A8. Authorities determined that Delgado had been driving at 100mph in a 55mph zone when his car collided with the boy.

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