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Car-Free, Bogota Style: Dia Sin Carro

by Kate Trainor on February 12, 2008

DiaSinCarro Car-Free, Bogota Style: Dia Sin Carro
Bogotá, Colombia features one of the best cycling infrastructures in the Americas. Last week was Bogotá’s Día Sin Carro 2008 (Car Free Day). This was the 10th annual edition of the event, which also goes by the moniker Día del Aire Limpio (Clean Air Day). As a result of the event, the city estimated that 1,090,000 fewer cars cluttered the city’s streets.

Dia Sin Carro is the biking/walking/mass transit extravaganza for a city that already provides world-class support for these transportation methods.

Former mayor Enrique Peñalosa is well-known for his work promoting cycling, walking, and alternative transportation throughout the capital city. His Ciclovia program, which runs every Sunday and on all holidays from 7am to 2pm, converts 70 miles of city streets to non-motorized corridors. The weekly event also offers free exercise classes on 20 “Recreovia” stages sprinkled throughout the city.

Día Sin Carro takes the Ciclovia days up a notch. From East Bay Bicycle Coaltion:

Bicycles will assist the fleet of buses in providing transport. About 347 kilometers (215 miles) of ciclorutas (bikeways and closed streets that offer security for bicyclists) will be provided. As well, four enormous cicloparqueos (valet bike parking lots) will offer parking security in the central business district and at transit hubs.

See also El Tiempo for Spanish language coverage from Colombia.

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1 Galls May 1, 2008 at 7:16 pm

He took Lexington, that is fine, now if she let him out of the boroughs…


2 Galls May 1, 2008 at 7:19 pm

I meant out of Manhattan, south of 96th, not boroughs.


3 Bob May 2, 2008 at 4:46 am

Can you expand on that comment for those of us not familiar with NY?


4 MarkR May 2, 2008 at 12:17 pm

I’d think 9 is a good age to start teaching that type of self reliance. I was about 8 or 9 when I was first allowed to ride my bike by myself to the community swimming pool about 2 miles from my house. I had to cross and ride on the shoulder of a 5 lane highway for about a qtr mile. It was a great day for independence. Mom, followed me in the car the first day, to make sure I acted in a safe manner and knew the way. But from that day on I was on my own. I have 4 & 5 y.o. boys and over the past month when we go on bike rides, they lead. I let them do this because I want to make sure they know how to get back home one day when we decide to let them go on their own. I also want to make sure they stop at stop signs and street crossing without me telling them too.
And I’d agree I’m sure its safer during the day on a crowded subway car for a 9 y.o. than in a small town where its easy for a child to be independent and unseen because it’s not as densely populated.

Another thing I hate that you mentioned is the media and the fear mongering they cause with the “if it bleeds it leads” mentality. The first 15 min. of a news cast is constant bombardments of the “evils” of this world And this is exactly why we don’t watch local news anymore and rarely watch CNN, MSNBC, or Fox for other than political news.

But at the same time I’ve had the cops come to the door asking If we’ve seen so and so predator in the neighborhood, and its not like I live in the “hood” or anything like that. So I do understand the concerns.


5 Kate May 2, 2008 at 2:43 pm


Galls is referring to the Lexington (6) subway line (which is no doubt one of the safest). The subway trains run through all five of the boroughs of NYC, inc. Manhattan (of course, the hub). Outside of Manhattan, in other boroughs (esp. parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn,) some subway lines, in certain areas, can get dicey. Riding the subway in Manhattan, however, is usually pretty safe, especially during the day, and especially on the Lex.


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