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Bloomberg Supports Parking Lot for Big Box Store?

by Joshua Liberles on August 20, 2008

CostcoNYC Bloomberg Supports Parking Lot for Big Box Store?
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, famous for his attempts to decrease car traffic in Manhattan, has endorsed construction of a new Costco retail store along with its 2,300 parking spaces.

From the NY Sun:

At a press conference yesterday, Mr. Bloomberg said bringing the big-box warehouse chain to the city would help New Yorkers weather a difficult economic downturn. "Costco has a reputation of selling in bulk at very low prices, and given the economy today and the public’s desire to buy things in bulk and buy them cheaper, it seems to me we should welcome any store that wants to come here," he said.

Bloomberg has garnered several Carectomy headlines in the past for his support of public transportation, congestion pricing proposals, bike-friendly intiatives, et al. New York is a place where owning a car is decidedly impractical. And besides, how many people in Manhattan even have the storage room to buy anything in bulk!?
"It is incongruous for the mayor, who supported congestion pricing, to support one of the most auto-dependent retailers in the country," said Richard Lipsky, spokesman for the Neighborhood Retail Alliance.
Photo via flickr by davidgalestudios

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1 adriel July 25, 2008 at 12:11 pm


“America is addicted to oil, and the answer is to break the addiction, we have a chance to do it gradually or to go “Cold Turkey” The second choice is MUCH more painful.”

Drilling in more places will only postpone the inevitable.

At some point the world HAS to quit. why not start today? while we can phase it out? Oil is like smoking, it smells bad, and it causes cancer.

I am not saying we should ban oil, but we should protect those who would develop alternative energy from the evil intents of the major oil companies and car manufacturers.

They have already blocked clean alternatives for at least a decade, and there is evidence. How can this be allowed to continue unchecked?

I say we should start a class action suit against the oil companies and GM for blocking alternative transportation, and take the settlement and use it to develop alternative energy. I think 1 billion dollars is a good settlement, that is less than 1 week of spending on oil in America.

(Just make sure the lawyers do not get more than 10 million, we need this money to develop oil alternatives).


2 JC, Sr July 25, 2008 at 5:42 pm

Watching too much CSpan. The Rs stand in the house of Representives and harrange all day about the dozens of years of oil supply off our coasts. I’m a year younger than Pickens and that is the only thing we have in common. Think about a dozen years. Like me. Your wife has a child or two or three or four and at twelve they start eating you out of house and home. What was I thinking? I think not. And that’s only the beginning.
T.Boone Pickens is only thinking about getting a lotta help to pay his investments in wind turbines. And when he talks about using natural gas for transportation it runs a chill down my spine. An awful lot of us people in the northern climates heat our homes with the stuff. That is all we need is competition with the Suvs. We’re chopped meat. There are wise people in this country who claim we could get all our energy including heat from solar electric but I guess they dont have the money to spend on the boob tube like Pickens has. Please America. Dont get fooled again.


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