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Bikes Gain Traction in US Cities

by Joshua Liberles on November 13, 2007

citybike Bikes Gain Traction in US Cities

I don’t know whether to be more excited about the momentum cycling currently is enjoying in U.S. cities or the mainstream media attention headed in cycling’s direction. The two are inextricably linked, and the steamroll effect has begun – the media coverage makes the cities pushing a pro-cycling agenda look good. When USA Today runs a feature entitled Big cities try to ease way for bicyclists, I know we’ve hit pay-dirt.

Much like the nation’s increasing focus on environmentalism, to the point where every facet of modern existence seems to have a potential “green angle,” people are unmistakably starting to turn their gaze to bicycling as a legitimate transportation solution. Just as going green has reached a tipping point, bicycling has latched onto the bigger movement’s coattails and is gaining traction.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino has begun riding a bike every morning and appointed a Bike Czar; New York has adopted a Euro-style bike lane on Ninth Avenue (video); Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom are taking steps to dramatically increase the percentage of commutes done by bike; and all four of these cities (as well as Portland, OR and several others) are taking hard looks at adopting bike rental programs similar to Paris’ wildly successful Vélib.

Photo via Flickr by zyzzyva.

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