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Erectile issue impacts men of all races, and there is with more energetic men starting now having ED. Aging is no longer directly associated with the onset of erectile dysfunction as believed by many. The sexual disorder is in actuality giving a huge impact in a man’s life, and being able to lose manhood untimely is amazingly troublesome and debilitating. To overcome ED problems and help men find their solution to improving their manhood, scientists have developed drugs that will make the lives of ED patients more manageable.

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Generic Levitra Vardenafil Side Effects

Vardenafil HCl is basically the generic version of the brand Levitra, thus it is sometimes called generic Levitra.  Vardenafil HCl is a drug whose mode of action is to allow men with sexual impotence to get a momentary erection so they will be able to have successful sex with their partners.  Medical professional consider vardenafil HCl to be safer than the popular ED drug Viagra because you will less likely encounter any visual changes while one vardenafil HCl.  In fact, vardenafil is very safe that it can even be used by people with conditions or diseases like diabetes, prostate cancer, hypertension, liver and kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.  Despite this, it cannot be said that vardenafil HCl is not without any side effects. Read more…

Bike Sales Skyrocket With Gas Prices

by Joshua Liberles on July 9, 2008

Bikesales(1) Bike Sales Skyrocket With Gas Prices
As car sales plummet, bike sales are soaring, reports the Los Angeles Times. To many Americans, there’s only one act more painful than breaking a sweat: spending money. Stingy drivers nationwide are ditching their cars to become road warriors of a different breed, which is spiking bike sales and changing the way we look at bicycles. Once for leisure and exercise, bikes are now viewed as a practical mode of transport—and a good reason to leave the car in the garage.

Industry sales for this year haven’t yet been published, but Tim Blumenthal, executive director of Bikes Belong Coalition, an advocacy group, told the Times, "Bicycles for transportation has not been a big thing until very recently… April and particularly May, and now June, have been phenomenal months. This is across the board and across the country."

The cycling trend is growing—and quickly. Jim Whitsett, owner of Cynergy Cycles in Santa Monica, said he’s noticed an estimated 20% increase in sales over the last 30 days.

Michael Hall, a television editor, has begun cycling a 25-mile round trip commute to work and saves $150 per month by doing so. The price however, is his compromised safety.

He told the Times:

"It’s definitely saving me money, but may be taking years off my life due to the fact that it’s a terrifying experience” …The problems, he said, include the cellphone-using, "coffee-drinking, shaving, makeup-putting-on person who’s not paying attention" and the furious motorists who swear at him if he slows them down "for a nanosecond."

For now, Hall and fellow bike commuters may not be entirely safe alongside absentee drivers, but they can take solace in knowing that they’re smarter than the driver applying lipstick while eating breakfast, conversing with a client, and checking e-mail on her iPhone. Steering a bike makes multi-tasking impossible—just one of its many awesomely simple side benefits.

Photo via flickr by chilcy

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