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Sex Sells Bikes, Bikes Sell Sex?

I have to admit that I don’t quite understand lingerie company Triumph’s rationale behind the publicity stunt captured on video below. Women in their underwear riding in and parading behind a pedicab down a main street in Copenhagen. Cycling is so widespread and mainstream, perhaps it helps to market the merchandise? Without doubt, the hot [...]

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Cycling Increases S.F. Pollution?

Thanks to through-the-roof gas prices, the number of cyclists nationwide has increased dramatically. As cities rush to improve cycling-friendly infrastructure and implement bike-sharing systems, San Francisco’s progress has been hamstrung by eccentric political activist Rob Anderson.
Just as S.F. was on the brink of implementing a comprehensive pro-bike plan citywide in 2005, Anderson sued to have [...]

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Consumers Fed Up with Ethanol

At Carectomy, we’ve spent significant ink (err… pixels) lambasting the “solution” that biofuels provide. Now, as the NY Times reports, consumers are getting fed up with the ethanol mixed in with their gas to boot. It’s not an awakening of conscience; they just don’t think the stuff works.

From the NY Times:
Many consumers complain that ethanol, [...]

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Bloomberg Supports Parking Lot for Big Box Store?

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, famous for his attempts to decrease car traffic in Manhattan, has endorsed construction of a new Costco retail store along with its 2,300 parking spaces.
From the NY Sun:
At a press conference yesterday, Mr. Bloomberg said bringing the big-box warehouse chain to the city would help New Yorkers weather a [...]

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Car vs Bike Tensions Heat Up

Dan Cooley of Louisville, KY lost fifteen pounds in four months – and saved cash and a bit of the environment along the way. Cooley, like many, was fed up with rising gas prices and temperatures and turned to bicycle commuting.
But on the morning July 25th, Cooley fell victim to a malicious act of road [...]

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Northampton Awaits “Death of the Combustion Engine”

Although the auto’s funeral may be premature, Jill Turner is doing her part to help usher it along. Turner is organizing the “Death of the Combustion Engine: A bicycle and hoola hoop procession performance” in Northampton, Massachusetts.
The event, slated for Northampton Arts Night Out on Friday, September 12h, will feature a parade-style march/roll through NoHo [...]

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Biking in Tandem Saves a Marriage

The simple machine known as the bicycle remains the most efficient form of transportation on the planet. Although people may congregate into groups and ride together in makeshift pelotons, there is something inherently individual about biking. Riders rely on their own power for propulsion and are rewarded with independence, freedom, and all the sights, sounds, [...]

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Putting Cars to Good Use: Furniture

Surging gas prices have helped to push our tastes away from the auto. Dealers have stopped taking SUVs as trade-ins as their resale values plummet to next-to-nil and other inefficient cars are finding their way to the junkyard quickly.
So, what to do with all of the hunks of undesired metal accumulating on our landscape? [...]

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Scooters Up, Ford Down

In a telling confluence of events, the Boston Globe recently reported on Ford’s all-time worst financial quarter while just a few newspaper pages away, a Rhode Island electric scooter company celebrated a tenfold expansion in its business.

The common ingredient, of course, is high gas prices. Ford’s truck- and SUV-heavy American operations are scrambling to take [...]

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Riding Along Together: Carpooling

Americans are freaking out over gas prices and the country’s transportation choices are undergoing real change for the first time in decades. Miles driven and car sales have waned while mass transit ridership and cycling have soared. But, as a recent Boston Globe article laments, carpooling still hasn’t seem the same spike.
Good for the environment, [...]

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