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10 Reasons to Celebrate Expensive Fuel

by Joshua Liberles on July 16, 2008

carectomy-gas 10 Reasons to Celebrate Expensive Fuel
While most of America is groaning under the weight of their gas bill, Time magazine (and eco-minded folks) are rejoicing at the much-needed, long-overdue change $4 per gallon prices are catalyzing.

The good news, reported by Time:

…it’s true that Americans are finding options where there seemed to be none. They’re ready to change — and waiting for their infrastructure to catch up. They are driving to commuter-rail lines only to find there are no parking spots left. They are running fewer errands and dumping their SUVs. Public-transit use is at a 50-year high. Gas purchases are down 2% to 3%. And all those changes bring secondary, hard-earned benefits. Here are Time.com’s 10 things, with my thoughts added.


Their list of “10 Good Things About $4 Gas” celebrates the positive effects of expensive fuel. So, quit yer bitchin’, ride your bike, take the commuter train, and climb aboard the bandwagon.


Here are 10 reasons to get psyched, according to Time, neatly summarized by EcoStreet:

1. Globalised jobs return home – Yes, it seems that the high fuel price will mean that local will once again be the most sensible option. Without cheap oil, the world is getting bigger again.

2. Sprawl stalls – It’s too expensive to schlep all the way from the country into the cities for work these days. People are moving back into the cities and taking the bus. Time to stop the plans for building all over our greenbelt land.

3. Four-day workweeks – These shortened work weeks are becoming popular in some part of the US, but I doubt whether the British boss would be able to stand it despite the benefits of energy saving and fewer employees off sick, they’re far too mean for all that.

4. Less pollution – Goes without saying.

5. More frugality – Truckers and the like are joining the ranks of the .

6. Fewer traffic deaths – Fewer cars on the road mean fewer accidents.

7. Cheaper insurance – Not sure whether this one would apply to UK insurers. Perhaps one of our readers could shed some light?

8. Less traffic – Yup!

9. More cops on the beat – A very American benefit that probably wouldn’t happen in the UK.

10. Less obesity – Walking is cheaper than driving, and with food prices on the up, less is more!

Source: Time, EcoStreet; Photos via flickr by ParaScubaSailor and caseyhelbling

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